Podcast Studio


Look! The new Fool Proof Full Service Podcasting Studio!
(aka the FPFSPS!)

After recording our no-award-winning This Is Fool Proof podcast in Erik’s basement throughout last year, we decided it was time to up our game. We had some extra space at Fool Proof, and got to work building our own little studio. As we were building it, more and more people asked us if it was something we’d consider renting out.

We loved the idea of offering a space for people to start their own (or upgrade the production of their existing) podcasts. We wanted to build something geared toward podcasting that fell between “super-expensive, fancy-pants recording studio” and “Erik’s basement.”

Our 88-square-foot studio room comfortably accommodates five people, and is outfitted with professional gear, sound isolation, variable speed quiet ventilation, and a neon sign that reads “Party On.”


Pro gear, pro attitude

What’s inside?

• Mackie PROFX16V2 16-channel USB mixer
• Electro-Voice RE20 Microphones (5)
• Shockmounts, Boom Arms, Pop Filters (5)
• Audio Technica ATH-M40x Headphones (5)
• Behringer HA400 Headphone Amplifier
• Zoom H49 Pro Digital Multi-track Recorder
• iMac
• GarageBand
• Hindenburg Journalist
• Variable Speed Ventilation Fans (2)

Also, we’ve got Beth!

production, editing, consulting

Producer (and Fool Proof member) Beth K. Gibbs handles all the production, editing, and consulting for our podcast studio. She’s been producing podcasts since 2012 starting with the Stitcher Award-winning Go Fork Yourself podcast. She currently produces and co-hosts the podcasts Totes Recall and This Is Fool Proof, and has consulted with numerous other podcasts.


Our Rates


Studio Only


You’ve got your own gear, and someone who knows how to use it. You just need a quiet sound booth to record in. Really, you don’t need our help at all, and we don’t take offense to that.

Studio & Gear


You’ve got a producer. You’ve got a plan. We’ve got the gear. We’ve got the space. You leave with raw audio. Everyone wins! Need help editing the audio? See below.

Studio, Gear, & Producer


You bring your ideas, your talent, your jokes, and we cover the rest. Our producer will help you set up, make a plan, record, and provide you with raw audio at the end of the session. Need help editing the audio? See below.


Pre- & post-production
(editing, consulting, etc.)


Need more help? Or maybe you don’t even need our studio? Our in-house producer, Beth K. Gibbs, is available for editing, consulting, additional production, high-fives, and more. We’ll put you in touch.

Fool Proof members get to use the studio and gear for…


Did you know Fool Proof is also a shared workspace? We rent out desks and floater memberships to folks like you! One of the perks of being a monthly member is free use of the studio and gear. Check out our pricing and additional information. Please note, Beth’s time is not free. If you need a producer or editor, she’ll happily work with you, but that is not included for members.

this is confusing, can i just get a package price?


Absolutely. We get it. Every project is different. Email us with what you’re looking to do, and we’ll do our best to throw together a package price for you.


Let’s make a podcast!

Email us to schedule an appointment!