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Forever a Rough Draft : A Writing and Movement Workshop

  • Fool Proof 201 6th St SE #4 Minneapolis, MN 55414 (map)


A writing workshop that incorporates guided breathing + movement to explore what it means to tenderly occupy your body. Together we will unpack what limits us through self portraiture, body scans, manifesto writing and holding space for our voices.

This class is for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with themselves. No yoga, writing or art making experience necessary. Come with your favorite pen, notebook, yoga mat. We will spend the duration of the class alternating between gentle movements / breathing and writing / drawing exercises. Attendees will receive a workbook, letterpress print + coupon code for the OBIYB shop + future online classes.

Length: 3 Hours


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About On Being in Your Body

On Being in Your Body was created to challenge the ways humans are conditioned to relate to their bodies. OBIYB is a collection of ephemera that asks the viewer to take pause. It exists online, on paper, and in our skin. It is a reclamation and the love child of two writers, artists, and academics who are in constant pursuit of returning to the body. We are a small press that creates zines, alternative publications, and workbooks for personal growth. We collect stories, make space for other voices, teach workshops, and online classes. Our project is about discovering, remembering, and taking back what was taken from us as individuals and as a community.

Caitlin Metz is a tender queer, early morning art making human that employs empathy as a means of disruption. Her practice revolves around writing and art making as a way of being in her body and connecting with other human beings. She spends her days making books about feelings and teaching others to do the same.

Victoria Emanuela is a passionate students of life, explorer of the healing process, dad joke spewing human who is dedicated to creating windows where there are walls. She spends her days writing about personal transformation, teaching movements meditations and running her private practice as a counselor. / @onbeinginyourbody