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How To: Brand Yo' Self With Meg Lewis



Personal brands [insert eye roll] are so trendy right now! Join Meg Lewis as she takes the disgusting goo off a term that makes us all gag and turns it into something delicious. Have you been struggling to find your voice in the grand scheme of the internet (or life, honestly)? Has it taken way too long to make your personal website? In this workshop, you’ll learn to leverage your unique personality into an internet, IRL, work/life that feels authentically you. You’ll learn tips and tricks for posting on social media, creating a personal website, pitching yourself for interviews, and creating a positive internet, & IRL, space for you to be you! This workshop is part therapy session part decision making time!

Suggested donation of $15-20


About Meg Lewis

Meg Lewis is a designer who specializes in creating personable, positive, friendly experiences for happy companies. Meg is also the founder & partner at Ghostly Ferns, a collective of designers and commercial artists working together & separately. In addition to client work, Meg is a speaker and educator, traveling the world speaking at conferences and private events on personal brand, defining a purpose, and living an authentic life.